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What's Your Skin Personality?

Skin categories for your facial skin type.

Here are four primary skin categories for the face:

  • Balanced Skin personality

  • Hormone Reactive Skin Personality

  • Environmental and sensitive skin personality

  • Mature/Age Perfected Skin Personality

Below will explain the traits of each skin personality with yes or no questions to assist you in determining your skin personality. The area with the most yes answers will help you to determine your skin personality. You could also pay attention to your skin over the next 30-days if you aren't quite sure of your skin personality. Some people have more then one skin personality so we have made some face oils from combination skin as well. Please keep in mind it will take approx 6 weeks for your skin to adjust to any new products there for you may need to give the face oil some time to work its magic!

Balanced skin: Happy skin, low maintenance, skin tends not to give you too many problems, you are not prone to areas of extreme dryness or oiliness, your skin is not particularly sensitive to the products you use and is pretty happy with essential skincare.

  • Does your skin stay happy and balanced with essential skincare and maintenance?

  • Are you pores average-sized and not enlarged?

  • Does your skin rarely have trouble with acne breakouts?

  • Your skin does not feel oily in one area and dry in another?

  • When your skin does have periods of oiliness or dryness, it corrects itself quickly and returns balanced without changing your skincare routine?

Hormone/Reactive Skin: Can sometimes feel like your wearing your hormone changes on your face which can be very frustrating during puberty, pregnancy, after pregnancy and during menopause.

  • Do you tend to break out during times of increased or hormonal changes?

  • Do you have monthly acne breakouts right before your menstrual cycle begins?

  • Does your skin tend to be oily?

  • Is your skin tone uneven or blotchy?

  • Do you have areas of extreme dryness and roughness on your skin?

Environmentally Sensitive Skin: It is very reactive to its environment and products, will often react when you change settings, such as moving from a dry climate to a humid one. People with this skin personality also must be careful about which products they use on their skin. This skin personality will react to chemicals and other ingredients found in many skincare brands today.

  • Does your skin change or react when you change your environment?

  • Does your skin change or react when you use certain products on it?

  • Does your family have a history of skin-related issues such as eczema or psoriasis?

  • Is your skin prone to rashes or bumps?

  • Do cosmetic products sometimes burn when they are applied to your skin?

Mature/Age Perfected Skin: Because the skin is aged, it requires more care. The skin is thinning and unfortunately, starting to sag a bit and it is becoming drier and is developing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Does the skin feel drier and needs more moisture regularly?

  • Does the skin have areas where it is starting to sag or droop?

  • Does the skin bruise easily?

  • Does the skin have fine lines and wrinkles?

  • Are age spots starting to appear on the skin?

Now that you have determined your skin personality, we have made face oils for each type. We also have ones for combination skin personalities. Visit our face oils section on our store to make your purchase today!



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